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Welcome to G.B.C.S.

The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism is an evolving Spiritual Community providing Healing, Education and Community Service toward the greater good. Let us stand together to spread Light and Healing throughout our country and our world. Let us remember we are all one in the energy of God. We, as a Church, stand to eradicate racism and discrimination of any kind.

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“As the sunflower turns its face toward the light of the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity toward the light of truth.”

Our Church services include meditation, healing, inspirational music, a spiritual talk given by a unique and thought- provoking speaker and spirit communication from one of our evidential mediums, proving the continuity of life and delivering loving healing messages from the loved ones on the spirit side of life. In addition to our services, we have Mediums Days /Nights monthly where private sessions occur by appointment.

Summer Services on ZOOM

Join our community every Sunday in July and August at 10:30 am. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone around the world to connect with their loved ones in spirit, receive healing, and gain insight from the wisdom of spirit

Guest speakers and Mediums
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