Mediumship is a form of Healing.  It is through the messages of love coming from the Spirit World that we are healed
of our fear of death and our loneliness and grief. It is through the evidence that we receive from the spirits who have
transitioned and left the physical body behind that we can truly know that life does continue and that love lives on.  We
are spirit here, now and always!  We have always been, are now, and will continue to be as we evolve on the spirit side
of life.

Our mediums train for many years as they travel through their individual process of unfolding their natural abilities and
walk the path of spiritual development.  Learning to love, opening their hearts and minds in compassion and
understanding, prepares our mediums for the great work of service that is waiting.  The great work we seek to
accomplish here at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism is to bring evidence, love, wisdom and healing to all who
grace our doors.

Our mediums are certified through the American Federation of Spiritualist Churches and have passed an academic
course and exam, and have performed a test service where they have proven themselves to bring accurate and
consistent evidence. Throughout their training process they sit in an Unfoldment circle with the Pastor who supports their

Our mediums learn to raise their own vibration in accordance with natural law and blend with the vibrations of the loving
spirit that wishes to communicate with their loved one. Love is the key and love is the vibration in which we all work.  It
is with the help of our Spirit Guides and helpers that we are able to open the door between the worlds and connect to
the higher vibrations and deliver the inspiration, love and wisdom that is waiting.

All mediums work in their own unique way, utilizing their different channels of connection.

Clairvoyance is seeing an image in the mind’s eye.  A medium may get a picture of what the communicating spirit
looked like when they inhabited the physical body.  A spirit may show them selves at any age as they are sending images
mind to mind (telepathically).  The images are meant as evidence to prove who they were.  A spirit may also show their
home or environment as proof and the medium will deliver the information as it is received.

Clairaudience is hearing the words of spirit.  A medium may hear the voice and describe that voice or they may hear a
name or other information and they will repeat what they are hearing.

Clairsentience is feeling the essence of the spirit.  Blending with the spirit the medium can relay “What if feels like to be
them”.  The medium may receive physical sensations as well as emotional sensations. Unfoldment prepares the medium
for this sensitive way of communication.  It is important for the medium to be “in control” of their own emotions so that
they can deliver the essence of the communicating spirit in the best way. Often the receiver will “feel” the presence of
their loved one and the power of love coming through the medium.

Often mediums are using all three channels in one communication.  They may see something, hear something and feel
physical sensations to bring forth the evidence of the communicating spirit.

Evidence can be like pieces of a puzzle.  The medium delivers the pieces and it is up to the receiver to put the pieces
together.  Often the receiver may need to think about the pieces before they recognize the communicating spirit and
sometimes it is not recognized until the information is checked with another source.  When this happens it is often the
best proof that the medium has made contact with your loved one.

It is important to remember that the information brought through is to prove spirit’s existence.  Sensations of physical
issues they may have had on earth do not go with them to the spirit side of life.  A medium may bring gasping for breath
or pain in the knees; that is merely evidence spirit is providing and they are no longer experiencing these physical issues
on the spirit side of life.

The Wisdom From Spirit - The messages that are delivered hold amazing wisdom that is universal.  The Spirit World
is anxious to share with us the wisdom they learned in their lives.  We are all walking a spiritual pathway some with
conscious awareness, others not; but we are all learning lessons that help us to open to love and to live and love in
deeper ways.  We are all evolving and growing together on this journey of life on earth.  The wisdom learned by one can
help all others.  A message may be addressed to one member of the congregation but most often everyone in the
congregation can benefit from the message received.

How blessed we are to be able to benefit from the wisdom of the loved ones that visit us each week at service!

Platform Mediumship - As part of our service messages are brought to individuals in the congregation.  Evidence and
messages are transmitted through our mediums.

We try to reach as many people as possible so we do not spend a lot of time with each communication. Once the
identity of the communicating spirit is proven the message is given and the medium will continue on to the next person.  
Here at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism our goal is to reach as many as possible in the 20 – 30 minute
message portion of our service.
The medium will always ask your permission to come to you before engaging in the communication and nothing that may
be considered private or embarrassing will be delivered, so you can rest easy. Our mediums are trained to deliver all
information in a respectful and uplifting way.  The ethics of good mediumship are always followed at the GBCS.

Private Readings are available at Mediums Days which are held the last Saturday of every month from 11 – 3 and
offer an opportunity for individuals to connect to their loved ones and receive more information than can be given from
the platform.  Great healing can occur in a private reading as it is a time apologies can be delivered and understanding
can be translated.  When coming for a private reading it is important to come with an open heart and it is a good idea to
spend some time thinking about what you would like to accomplish with your reading.  Spirit tells us “Intention is
everything” so please try to be clear within yourself and know the spirit world will conspire to meet your needs and
expectations.  Take time to invite those you wish to hear from and trust they will come through.

Your loved ones visit on your invitation.  Just like in life if you want someone to come for a visit, you need to invite
them,  On occasion, also as in life, a loved one may just drop in if there is a reason, so sometimes you will hear from
those you least expect but there is always a reason why they have come to visit.  They love to let you know that you are
watched over and they are ready to assist you on your path with words of comfort and love when you need them.

Documenting Proof of Life Continuous - We are working to document the proof received from the Spirit World and
we ask your help in letting us know when you have received specific information that you recognize.  

Note:  Our Mediums achieve and maintain their certifications by people submitting Affidavits describing the accuracy of
the evidence provided by the medium.  If you would like to fill out an affidavit, please download this
form by right clicking here.  
Mediumship Affidavit

We thank you for filling out the evidence forms which are on the web site and available at mediums day and each
Sunday service.  
Please feel free to e- mail the Pastor (
Mediumship Proves The Continuity Of Life And Frees Us All From The Fear Of Death!